Rabid Dung Beetles

One reason I love my friend Adam Lipscomb’s blog is because of what he writes about politics — or, rather, the magical way he writes about idiots in politics and religion in America. For example, this post. Go on, read it, it’s short, and it has Pat Robertson, rabid dung beetles, rotted Norway rads, fetid […]

Weekend Update

Well, I managed to work out on Saturday morning, before meeting up with my friend Mike from Jeonju. We hung out for the weekend: good food, lots of good conversation, a little beer. It was a pretty good weekend, and I’m feeling more settled for the week to come, though it will be hectic. I […]

Roughing It…

While I’m no big fan of CanLit in general — it’s come up lately online with another Canadian or two, and I’ve decided it’s a genre unto itself (the mainstream stuff, anyway) and one not mostly to my liking — I still want to give a shout-out to my literary friend Alexis Kienlen who is […]

Stuff Going On

Well, lots of things going on… in a personal sense, too, though I’m not ready to blog my recent news. Instead: There’s some great fiction online that I need to link to. For now, just one story: the wonderfully nastyglee party that is Tina Connolly’s “A Day Out, with Stereoscopes” is up at Birkensnake. I’ve […]

Ian McHugh: Ass Kicking Writer

Kudos time! Australian writer Ian McHugh, the friend I visited in Canberra last year (photos here), not only won 1st Prize for the third quarter of 2008 in the WOTF (Writers of the Future) Contest, and word has it he also won the Gold Prize last night, thereby making, as Wikipedia notes, more money for […]