Roughing It…

While I’m no big fan of CanLit in general — it’s come up lately online with another Canadian or two, and I’ve decided it’s a genre unto itself (the mainstream stuff, anyway) and one not mostly to my liking — I still want to give a shout-out to my literary friend Alexis Kienlen who is one of the people running a new CanLit blog called Roughing it in the Books.

2 thoughts on “Roughing It…

  1. Kathleen,

    No problem! And by the way, I do make an exception for some CanLit… Leacock being a good example. It’s uncharacteristic of me, but when I read Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town I absolutely loved it. The bit where the boat “sinks” is priceless.

    (And I should add that Rohinton Mistry is a small deity, John Ralston Saul is pretty damned good — in the nonfiction I’ve read, anyway. I am excluding Canadian SF, for the moment, until I know the field better. I’m only now rediscovering it.)

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