To Sate You For Now…

I’m working on a big post on The Host, but since people were so pleased about the (still unnamed) kitty, here are a couple more pictures.. You can click on them to see them in larger size. I’m still working on learning how to fiddle with RAW images, so some of them are a little hairy. All of them, actually. But anyway…

A Few Days Ago

One of Her Spots

Ezra Pound Concordances and Rudy Rucker?

And because I know some of you are weird enough to want to see more as they come, there’s a Flickr set here, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed from there, if you like.

Weirdoes. ;)

2 thoughts on “To Sate You For Now…

  1. Very cute. Why don’t you call her Rudy then? ( :

    Also, I’ve been crazy busy but trying to read your Korea SF series in snatches and I’m loving it. More like this!

    Have also seen The Host (unlike the other movies you wrote about) and I’ll be interested to hear a critical analysis of it in context. I know I’d argue that the girl is less fascinated with than revolted by the beast, and also that its less a kaiju than a horror movie, with the terrible things she has to go through. Her ordeals in that hole is what sticks with me, more than any rampaging. Although it was interesting how her sister’s athletic skill combined with her brother’s dissident background managed to take it down. Very political, especially when everyone is fleeing the police . . . sorry, you’re probably going to talk about that at length. A cigar is sometimes just a cigar, but as Steve Eley argued on Escape Pod a few weeks ago, a big rubbery monster is very rarely just a big rubbery monster.

  2. For one thing, Rudy sounds funny with a Korean accent. [“Loody. Her name is Loody Lucker.”] For another, I’m pretty sure Lime would veto it.

    The Host post is bogged down in analytical details and I may well have to just claw a bunch out and toss them overboard to get to my reading of the film.

    We’ll see.

    And yeah, some of the things you mention are definitely going to come up in my reading. And Eley’s right — big rubbery (or CG) monsters are almost always “really” something else. Or several something elses.

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