2008 SF&F Festival (Seoul)?

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Oh my…

Well, I missed Denvention (this year’s WorldCon), but there is this, at least, to give a look-see:

SF&F Festival 08 poster

The 2008 SF&F Festival is going on in Seoul. It’s a two-day event with a bunch of movie screenings, along with some lectures (or maybe more like panel discussions?) I’m sure will be mostly incomprehensible.

But it’s W1,000 — about a buck — to join in on the fun, it’ll be a chance to see a few films I’ve not seen, it’ll feature Korean SF geeks in their native environment, and it’s only a couple of days long… so what the hell, eh?

If anyone’s interested, here’s the info at the joysf website. It’s this Friday and Saturday! (August 15 and16!)

(And by the way, my post on The Host? Still working on it. It’s gonna be quite LONG, and I’m not going to be able to condense it much, either. I’m enjoying the effort to dig deep into it, since the other thing I’m writing on Korean SF — the paper for the conference — is much more general in nature.)

By the way, I discovered this via this Korean SF blog.

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