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“You know you’re with a bunch of geeks when…” was the line I said most often last night. Being among SF geeks is salutary, though; it’s normal for everyone to totally geek out over an iPad (as we did — trying out a bunch of bookreader and comic book reader applications in sequence), or to check out the bookshelves and talk about all the great books and authors contained thereupon, and so on.

There was a party including a nice chunk of Seoul’s SF fandom population, including a number of my own friends and acquaintances. I supplied a sampling of different beers I’ve made in the past few months, and played barman (since some of the bottles are overcarbonated, I’m not sure why), and enjoyed the company and great food. There’s a writeup here, in Korean, but with pictures — mostly of the food.

Incidentally, the poster mentions reading Asimov’s Foundation series, if I understand right, and I happen to be reading (among other books) Asimov’s Second Foundation as part of a research project I’m planning for the next year or so. (I read the first book in the trilogy in 2002 or 2003, I think; the second in 2007 perhaps, or 2008; I figured I should finish the trilogy now that I’m theorizing about it, early fandom, and geek temperament. No, really!)

Weirdest thing I discovered? There is, no, really, there is a manga out there about ramen. Yes, really. A manga about wine, I wasn’t surprised about, but ramen? Wow.

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