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The stunningly knowledgeable Helikkopter (of Indieful ROK), who was kind enough to remember I’ve been trying to get a handle on the status of SF fiction and film in Korea, very kindly notified me of the fact that in March of this year… a very odd little album was released by Ruby Record. It’s called Star Wars Project Compilation.

Star Wars Compilation Album coverSF fans, panic not! It features not some Korean form of the filk (perish the thought) but rather original works by (seemingly) competent musicians in homage to, reference to, or all about the Star Wars movie series.

I can’t get the online samples to play on my PC — the Ruby Record website doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with Linux — but I’ll be getting a copy and updating this. When I do, I’ll append my review here, and re-date the post or something.

Just another little hint that there’s much more going on with SF that meets the eye here. Even if I was never such a huge fan of Star Wars, this still is pretty neat.

Also a sign of how cool helikoppter is. How she manages to be constantly in the know of stuff is something that doesn’t just baffle me — other people (who are way more in the loop than me) have marveled about it too.

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