How Candlegirl and V Took on 2MB

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Clarkesworld, Oct. 2008
Clarkesworld, Oct. 2008

It feels so long ago, but I still think it’s worth a look back:

My article on the SFnal side of the anti-2MB protests that rocked Seoul this past summer, titled “How Candle Girl and V Took on 2MB”, is now up at the excellent Clarkesworld.

It touches on the political reception and adaptation of foreign SF, techno-protest culture, Korean politics and food-culture, and more. Not quite something for everyone, but lots of stuff swirling around the nexus there. The ending is a bit, well, dated — I wrote it back in August, and it sounds like the protests just died down last week or something — but with that contextualized, I stand by it wholly. Yay for Nick Mamatas, who bought it for Clarkesworld. (And nudged me to make it better!)

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