Wackiest Korean Book I Ever Bought

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If you’re curious, I found the wackiest Korean book I’d ever seen this past weekend  at the Kyobo Bookstore in Gangnam, and got myself a copy while I could, because I don’t imagine it’s going to sell too well and will likely end up sold off for cheap before long, at which point it’ll be easier to find hunting in discount book stands (in one of which Miss Jiwaku and I found several books of translations of Lovecraft stories this past winter, for example)… but who has time for that?

The book is titled 도해 쿠툴루 신화 (Zukai Cthulhu Shinhwa) and it’s a translation of a Japanese trivia book on the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos. It has four sections, one each on Cthulhu Mythos creatures; famous texts in Lovecraft’s  work — those real works that had an influence on the author’s work, and those imaginary ones to which his characters often refer; places referred to in the Cthulhu stories; and humans and organizations mentioned in the works of Lovecraft — or, indeed, works expanding on his work. (Professor Moriarty makes an appearance by virtue of his being included in a Call of Cthulhu game product.)

For dedicated Korean fans of Lovecraft, I doubt the book will appeal so much, but I couldn’t help myself. Even if I can’t read it cover to cover (for now) I can revel in the weirdness. (And the bizarre illustrations help.) If you want a copy, you can order it online, too. The book is newish, having been released in Korean translation just this year.

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