Coming Soon: “Invasion of Alien Bikini”

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Well, Miss Jiwaku just surprised me with the trailer a few days ago (when we were booking tickets for Cowboys and Aliens; the trailer was for what appears to be a Korean SF sex-comedy to be released toward the end of this month:

Apparently, a guy steps in and saves a woman from some thugs, only to discover that she is in fact a lovely little sex-hungry alien. She wants to rob him of his virginity, and for some strange reason, he refuses… so she tortures him.

No matter how cheaply done, no matter how confusing, this is definitely bound to be better than 7광구 (link is to my review)… but once I see it, I’ll expand this post.

For now, I can say I am looking forward to it, silly as it will probably be. (After all, I’m all for silly if it’s actually entertaining. And if they throw in smart, hey, I’m all for it — silly, smart, and funny would be great. But you know, I’ll take two out of three over the over-seriousness, boredom, and stupidity of 7광구, for sure!)

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