SOAO Workshop 2009 Pictures Up

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There’s lots of snowy ones, and some not-so-great photos, but the majority of the shots I’ll be posting are now viewable here. I’ll add some descriptions when I get time, and write up the experience here soon. Here are a couple of pics, with a few more in the extended post…










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2 thoughts on “SOAO Workshop 2009 Pictures Up

  1. Squee! Very cool, especially the observatory itself which for some reason looks as though it ought to be attached to Howls Moving Castle…I wonder what that cool dome structure you’re inside at some point is…

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it was cool. That tower in the picture above is the OLD (actually, the second of three) observatories. I think it dates back to the 70s.

    The dome was a radio telescope facility in Daejon. :) I soooo wish my Korean were good enough to hack that…

    BTW I’m working on what you emailed me about, but it might be a tough one to pull off. I think I have a lead, though.

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