[Literary] SF: A Social Phenomenon (Plus Some Detours)

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So, I recently recounted my observation that SF is a social phenomenon, which was (though somewhat buried) basically the point of a recent presentation I made. I was thinking about this fact when I had a sudden realization, or what felt like one, anyway. It had to do with being asked what attracted me personally, […]

What Does Ray Think?

I so wish I could see the look on Ray Bradbury’s face watching this (For the first time, I mean): F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury – watch more funny videos Oh yeah, Ray hates the Internets. Too bad. Still, wonder if maybe someone’s shown this to him. Weirdly, though, I’ve never really been into the man’s […]

Geek Out

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“You know you’re with a bunch of geeks when…” was the line I said most often last night. Being among SF geeks is salutary, though; it’s normal for everyone to totally geek out over an iPad (as we did — trying out a bunch of bookreader and comic book reader applications in sequence), or to […]


Usually you’d expect any mention of Gnome here to be related to the version of Ubuntu Linux I use, but this is a Gnome of a different color. Today an enthusiast of the Gnome Press — the company that published a ton of formative SF, like Asimov’s most famous books — discovered my blog and […]