The Man to See About a Cat

A friend of mine in grad school, when excusing himself to go to the men’s room, always said, “I gotta go see a man about a dog.” Well, I have cats, not a dog, but there comes a time when you have to see a man about a cat, too. Especially when it’s a boy […]

What Todd and Peanut Have in Common

I changed schools a lot in elementary school, mostly just because my family moved around a lot. When we arrived in Prince Albert, a town in Northern Saskatchewan, I ended up at this small elementary school where one of my classmates was a kid named Todd. Now, this was in the fourth grade, when secondary […]

IT’S ALIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Among the many things that have been keeping me busy of late is our new kittycat, whom we have finally named. Now, the same sounds silly even if you get the reference, but the reference helps, maybe. We’re calling her Peanut, but if you haven’t seen the TV show Dead Like Me, you probably aren’t […]

To Sate You For Now…

I’m working on a big post on The Host, but since people were so pleased about the (still unnamed) kitty, here are a couple more pictures.. You can click on them to see them in larger size. I’m still working on learning how to fiddle with RAW images, so some of them are a little […]

고양이의 이름은 아직도 몰라…

(Translation: We still don’t know what the cat’s name is….) Actually, we haven’t decided, though Lime suggested “Woolf” which appeals to me because of the obvious canine pun. Oddly, though, Lime has never yet read anything by Woolf. I wonder whether Orlando has been translated. (Or I could just as well find the movie, given […]