Hiking Boots?

I’ll be going to a mountain on Wednesday, as part of a very interesting workshop involving Korean SF writers and astronomers — oh, yes, a listening comprehension test three days long, which I’m already failing, but more about that afterwards — and I’ve been told it would be a good idea to have some hiking boots. I’ll be in Seoul tomorrow, and would be able to pick some up, except I have no idea where such things could be gotten — that is, winter boots, in “large size” (ie. 300, 305, 310, or bigger, depending on the brand). Apparently the mountain we’ll be on — because that’s where the super-duper observatory is located — will be absolutely frigid and snowy, and I don’t wanna get sick when we go out to look at the “snow flowers.”

the only thing I can think is maybe they had some at Keumgang shoes, but I can’t remember. I suspect my old army boots no longer fit (my arches have fallen a little since I came to Korea, and my bone spurs have grown) and any suggestions — even of places in Itaweon, if anything comes to mind — would be welcome. I could use a pair of proper cold-weather boots anyway, so I can actually go to mountains in winter and so on.

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  1. I suspect there are shops in Myeongdong – there used to be but Korean shops come and go.

    From what I can see of the mountains, be prepared for lots of mud and slippery conditions more than cold weather.

    Is the astronomy anything to do with this being the international year of astronomy? Will you be going to Yeongwol?

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of dropping by the Geumgang shoes places there and seeing if they had any boots. Now I’m kicking myself for not having gotten some in Canada last time I was there…

      I’m told to expect -20 Celcius and chilly, snowy weather, but then this is an observatory, so I figure it’s pretty isolated and high up. (It’s at Sobaeksan, if that means anything to you.)

  2. I don’t know if Kumgang will have hiking boots.

    Columbia used to have a shop in Myeongdong. I think just about any big name hiking/outfitters store will have boots your size.

    I have heard of Sobaeksan but it is not the one I was thinking of. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    1. Thanks all, I got some boots at a place in Itaewon. They’re not perfect, but they’re comfy enough and I’m sure they’ll do the job. If I’d have had more time, I’d have hit Namdaemun, but I had very little, so they will have to do. They fit the spurs, and big socks, and are warm. Whew! Now, to find my long underwear!

  3. Namdaemun is where most of the hiking stores are located. Check it out, they have tons and tons and tons of places.

  4. Can’t tell you where to get them. But throw in a set of gaiters while you’re at it. Changed my snow-wandering life.

    FWIW, my last pair of hiking boots were a weird set of Italian things called Kaylands. Unbelievably good. Don’t know if they have ample room for your spurs but they’re good to my misshapen feet.

    Please take pictures of these “snow flowers”, whatever they may be.

    1. Jack,

      Good to see you here, by the way! It’s been ages. I’ll be in Montreal this summer, for WorldCon. Hoping you’ll be in Toronto, or around, and I can pop over to say hi!

      Gaiters… heh. That’ll have to wait till I’m in a Western country, maybe. I don’t think I’ll quite need ’em, the email specified jeans and the snow isn;’t *that* thick on the ground. But I do need to dig out my Goretex waterproof winter coat, the one I wore to Northern India. Here’s hoping it still fits.

      You’ve shot tons of pictures of snow flowers yourself, btw, Jack. It’s just when the snow piles up on the branches and sticks to them, so the tree looks snowy. Koreans call that “snow flowers” because it’s relatively uncommon here, especially these days. (Snow often melts soon after it hits the ground, and when it doesn’t, it usually doesn’t build up very much.) I suspect “snow flowers” are slightly less remarkable for people like you or me, who come from Canada. :)

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