Got a Kick Out Of…

A few things I got a kick out of in the last few days:

  • Seeing a drunken old man jogging in place on the express commuter train out of Seoul. He jogged for ten or fifteen minutes, stopped, rolled his head around for a while, then jogged some more. I seemed to be the only person taking any notice at all of his performance. It was amusing.
  • Seeing my name on a few of the “Here’s who I nominated!” lists for the Hugos and Campbell Award. I didn’t see a lot of these, but I saw a few, which is a first for me, and each one made my day!
  • I’m published again. And it’s a poem! (But I’ll give that its own post.)
  • There’s a new Starship Sofa up, with, among other things, Ben Rosenbaum’s excellent “The House Beyond Your Sky”. Get the mp3 here.
  • Listening to School Food Punishment. Someone on Livejournal somewhere recommended them, and on hearing them I decided, inexplicably despite their poppiness, that I liked them. Here’s a video:

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