John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer: Nominated!?!?!

Actually, I found out a few days ago, and believe you me, it was hard to keep it secret. But the Hugo and Campbell nominations have been announced now, so I can finally stop keeping it secret how honoured I am by my nomination for the Campbell Award 2009. I’m blown away. Thanks to all the people who saw fit to nominate me!

It’s nice to see the competition there includes some familiar names, including fellow Canadian Tony Pi and the very impressive Aliette de Bodard. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and squee! until I’m red in the face. Then I guess I’ll go see about getting some more of my already-published fiction available online so prospective voters can read it.

28 thoughts on “John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer: Nominated!?!?!

  1. Congratulations!

    Now, if we could only explain and make the University understand what a “Hugo” and “John W. Campbell Award” is… :)

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    And, actually, Junsok, one of the professors in my department is very excited about this and wants to try get it announced across campus.

    Academic Affairs, of course, will probably never really get why this is big news, but it’s nice to see someone excited about it even if he’s not familiar with the SF field or these particular awards. :)

  3. Thanks, all!

    Do they give speeches? The thing I remember from WorldCon in Yokohama was the live action Ultraman extravaganza performance, but I don’t remember speeches. Hmmm. But that was a WorldCon in Yokohama.

  4. Congratulations, and here’s hoping you win. Even if you don’t, though, it’s still a feather in your cap and a bullet point on your resume.


    1. By the way, Kevin,

      Thanks! Your message showed up only after my previous comment, but I appreciate it, and all the comments here. (And on Twitter, and Facebook, and by email…)

  5. Congratulations!

    One day I will be able to start thinking and feeling again. And then, I’ll realize the scale of your accomplishment. Hopefully, by then, you’ll be famous, and I can say, “I knew Gord Sellar when he was just starting!”

    Until then, comments have to pass for writing for me!

  6. Mary,

    Thanks! And, ah, so the take-home lesson is: write a speech and leave it in your room! I’ll try it. :)


    Thanks, it’s cool to share it with you, too. Must get my hands on your book(s — but I’ll start with Acacia, I think): I’ve heard very good things, though I’d had so little time for novels with work that I’m years behind on everything.


    Thanks. Why are you not thinking and feeling these days? The relocation still got you down? I’d suggest that book that the Korea Life Blog guy wrote about the island, but I don’t think it’d still be available now. (And though I’m sure the book is delightful, the unfortunate end he met makes me hesitate for some irrational, back-of-the-brain reason that doesn’t seem to apply to Plath, Hemingway, Woolf.)

  7. Congrats! and I wish you go further and get on the top!

    P.S. Btw, I’m the guy who got ribs broken…heheh =)

  8. Thanks, darkeye! Even if I don’t get to the top, nomination is a huge honour!

    I hope your ribs are back to normal now! I got your email and will respond soon… I need to think about your question a bit, though!

  9. Congratulations, Gord! You’ll have quite a run for the money against Tony Pi and Aliette, but it must feel good to be in such spectacular company. :)

    I’ll root jointly for you and Aliette. Nothing against Tony, but I know Aliette well and you have cool glasses.

  10. Libbie,

    Oh, yes, it’s excellent company, and I am flattered to be among ’em… though I hope I didn’t end up on the list just ’cause of my glasses. :)

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