Publishers Are a Cruel Lot

Here’s proof. John Scalzi missed may soon miss a deadline, and now the editor is planning on enforcing the term literally — dead-line — by inviting fans to plot the poor man’s death in exchange for a free ARC for the Subterranean Press limited edition of The Last Colony. (Which, no, is not a new book, but I’m sure it’s a lovely edition.)

If you’re a cruel, sick person, you can join in on the festivities too.  Details here.

My entry? (Because, yes, I am cruel and sick.) Well, probably someone else has done one just like it — I’m sure by now dozens have — but just the same, I’m a fan of poetic justice, so it’s this one here.

2 thoughts on “Publishers Are a Cruel Lot

  1. Two notes:

    1) Scalzi hasn’t missed the deadline yet (it’s next Monday), and probably won’t. I agree that the original post makes it seem like he has missed it, but he hasn’t.

    2) I’m genuinely disappointed that you failed to resist the temptation of bacon.

    That is all.

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