How to Rob a Bank

Jwz has it.

Jwz has moved it.

And they say you can’t learn anything watching Hollywood movies. This is a crime that just couldn’t have happened without the “heist” genre of films.

But reading this, it struck me: there will be a last bank robbery in the world. People will still be hacking banks for as long as that’s possible, but someday paper money will stop circulating, or continue to circulate but become worth less than the trouble it takes to rob it. When it does, there will be no more bank robberies, except as political statements or artistic performances. Weird, huh?

Makes me want to write a story about the last bank robber in the world. Except I don’t have time for now…

6 thoughts on “How to Rob a Bank

  1. Heh. There’s actually going to be a comic book with the same sort of idea. I think it’s called The Last Days of American Crime. To be written by Rick Remender (Fear Agent, End League) IIRC. Not sure about the artist on it though.

  2. Thanks for the tip. As I commented on LJ, I may combine the idea with a few other things. By the way, you new here or a regular? I think it’s your first comment, right? Welcome!

    EDIT by the way: the art is apparently by Greg Tocchini, according to this preview!

  3. Thanks for the link. I think that’s where I read about it originally. Sorry for the late reply, been a bit busy with moving back to uni and stuff but yeah I’m new in a sense. I’ve been following the blog for about a month after finding my way here from an article written by yourself, I believe, about Korean SF, which combines two of my favourite interests. Added it to my subscribed feeds shortly after reading some interesting posts about the culture etc..

  4. Aha!

    I’m guessing it was the article over at Shine Anthology’s website? Well, there’s an organized series on SF in Korea around here, you can find the link in the sidebar.

    Welcome, it’s nice tyo have you aboard! (And yeah, two favorite interests in common is cool!)

  5. Awesome. Yeah that was the article I read. Cheers for that name, I’d forgotten what the site was (I really should bookmark more of the interesting sites that I visit). I guess I’ll have even more stuff to investigate now when I have the time.

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