Not Even A Mention?

KoreaBANG put a heartbreaking news report up about a month ago. I wrote about it then, but never got around to posting it. The report was titled Horrifying Murder of Gimhae Teen Leaves Koreans in Shock – koreaBANG. I’ll try spare you the goriest of the details–they’re very gory, but some of them are necessary to include, […]

Something to Munch On

I have an insane day ahead of me: last minute desperate students will be seeking advising throughout my afternoon break, since tomorrow’s the deadline for second applications for their Grad Presentation Proposal; I will be lucky if I fit lunch in fitting lunch in no matter what, but it will be a trial; midterm exam […]

How to Rob a Bank

Jwz has it. Jwz has moved it. And they say you can’t learn anything watching Hollywood movies. This is a crime that just couldn’t have happened without the “heist” genre of films. But reading this, it struck me: there will be a last bank robbery in the world. People will still be hacking banks for […]