Shine Acceptance

Well, way back when, Jetse de Vries (who, I’m pleased to see, makes me feel much better about my own lack of posting here — he hasn’t updated since summer!) announced he would be putting together a short-story collection titled Shine, featuring optimistic near-future SF. Of course, I immediately began working on something, and what do you know? When I met him this summer, he told me that he was taking the story I submitted to him. Between that and the bearhug he gave me on first meeting, Jetse made quite an impression on me, and it was a very good one. It was definitely one of the many wonderful highlight moments of the summer.

(And I realize now I didn’t ever get around to writing the second half of my blog post about my summer holidays. I shall have to try do it before my winter holidays start.)

Anyway, Jetse’s been busy: there’s a magazine he’s set up online featuring this kind of story as well, here, and he’s about to launch a contest of some sort to promote the April release of Shine. You can check at the anthology’s blog on Monday (November 30th, I presume Netherlands time so if you’re in Korea, check on Tuesday!) for more about that.

Anyway, Jetse’s not announcing the table of contents (TOC) — because the contest (which involves what he describes somewhere as “scintillating prizes”!) involves the TOC implicitly. But I assure you, I’m in there somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Shine Acceptance

  1. Saw this on Twitter, but since I don’t actually post on Twitter anymore, I figured I’d wait until you posted about it here.

    So, congrats! Your meteoric rise to fame continues.

    1. Charles and Val,

      Thanks! Very crowded, but going well. Charles, I’ll email you back soon, and, hahaha, meteors usually crash into things, no? Fame — haha! Oh, and Val, I’ll be emailing R. very quickly about his inquiry — as soon as I have time to think about whether the lineup he suggested sounds right or not. (Wondering about whether Melei might work…)

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