Shine Competition

So did I mention there’s a competition you can take part in, for the upcoming SHINE anthology? The rules are here, and the prizes are here, and here are the excerpts you need to work with to play.

If you are too lazy to click on the prizes, well, the top twenty (20!) entrants get a copy of the book and a T-shirt. But the top ten get one bottle from a wonderful selection of cognacs, whiskies, and wines. Jetse knows his hooch, so you definitely ant to enter. Go on!

By the way, if I showed you the story, that means you can’t play. Sorry Charles, Ben, Mike, and anyone else who suffered through an early draft.

2 thoughts on “Shine Competition

  1. Ha, I read that originally as “negligible” and thought, “No, you’re never negligible.” Well, Charles, you and Mike can easily get a bottle, but Ben shall have to wait till I get my hands on a PET bottle — maybe one of those awful 2L Korean beer bottles — before I can send him his. Request for IPA noted. Should be fulfillable.

    Mike, if you’re reading this, your choices so far are wheat, IPA, and maybe coffee stout if the bastard ever stops fermenting! (Been a couple of weeks now and it’s still going, perhaps so strong as to alarm me a little, but I guess it’ll be a nice high-alc beer!)

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