New Story Sale (and a Question)

Well, I’ve just sold my story, “Toxoplasmosis of the Brain; Candidiasis of the Esophagus; Candidiasis of the Trachea; Candidiasis of the Bronchi; Candidiasis of the Lungs; Kaposi’s Sarcoma; Pneumonia; Tuberculosis; Stab Wound in the Belly; and Bus Accident” to The Machine of Death, Volume 2. I had a story about Japanese yakuza (gangsters) in the […]

“Trois morceaux en forme de mechanika” in the latest Clarkesworld!

My newest publication, “Trois morceaux en forme de mechanika,” is now live as part of Clarkesworld #58 (July 2011). You can see the text (linked above) or listen to the podcast, wonderfully-narrated by Kate Baker, whatever you prefer. There’s all kinds of other good stuff this issue too, especially the hauntingly odd and very smart “Frozen […]

Good Enough for Nancy Kress…

While I was still ill, last week, I noticed an email had come in from someone at Asimov’s SF. It was concerning a request for permission to license “Dhuluma No More” to DailyLit, to do that thing DailyLit does. (And what it does is, it lets you read bite-sized chunks of a text by email […]

Shine Competition

So did I mention there’s a competition you can take part in, for the upcoming SHINE anthology? The rules are here, and the prizes are here, and here are the excerpts you need to work with to play. If you are too lazy to click on the prizes, well, the top twenty (20!) entrants get […]