When It Rains

One thing that happens when you get busy trying to write a novel or two is that short story publications slow down, so I haven’t had a lot of publication announcements to make recently, but when it rains, it pours. (As I’m about to rediscover when the rainy season strikes us again here in Saigon.) […]


Well, I got word last week about this, and I was very excited, but I was also traveling in buses with seats of unusual size (not to mention, inhumane design–shudder)… But now, well: “The Clockworks of Hanyang” is being included (as a reprint) in Sean Wallace’s upcoming The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures. The whole TOC […]

Good Enough for Nancy Kress…

While I was still ill, last week, I noticed an email had come in from someone at Asimov’s SF. It was concerning a request for permission to license “Dhuluma No More” to DailyLit, to do that thing DailyLit does. (And what it does is, it lets you read bite-sized chunks of a text by email […]