Good Enough for Nancy Kress…

While I was still ill, last week, I noticed an email had come in from someone at Asimov’s SF. It was concerning a request for permission to license “Dhuluma No More” to DailyLit, to do that thing DailyLit does.

(And what it does is, it lets you read bite-sized chunks of a text by email or RSS feed on what is, obviously, a daily basis.)

My first reaction was, “Huh?” followed sudden memories of rants by friends who follow Harlan Ellison on the idea of never giving anything away for free. Then I thought of people like Cory Doctorow and the like, who argue that giving stuff away for free is the way of the future.

When I was feeling a little better, I googled around a little and saw that Nancy Kress had gotten the same email, and signed off on the same sort of contract. Well, I figured, if it’s good enough for Nancy Kress… and anyway, I don’t think I’ll be making any more money on that story. Hell, the Korean translation is in the works at the moment, but even that’s going into a zine, if I remember right!

Well, then, just the other day, I got a second email containing a contract for the use of “Lester Young and the Jupiters’ Moons’ Blues” for some kind of ebook Kindle anthology thing. And that republication does pay, which is nice. That story has done quite well for me in a number of ways. So anyway, I managed to get to a computer workstation where I could download, print, and scan the contracts for the two stories today, and emailed the scans off. The net result is that two of my stories will soon be accessible in different ways online.

Now, for getting a few new stories out there. My freelance nightmare is almost over — cash flow problem and all — and my research is going well. But ths weekend — meaning Friday/Saturday — is a weekend in the country, so the freelance wrap-up will have to come next week.

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