Soraya Intercine Films’ UFO

Yup, this is what was on TV tonight:

A prime time comedy SF TV show in Indonesian about a UFO and some people who retrieved it and made friends with the aliens inside. Miss Jiwaku also picked out what seems to be (maybe!) some kind of plot thread involving some kind of device (a drug, maybe?) that makes people smart, and which was malfunctioning, or misrouted, or something, and the “dealer” of that tech who seemed to be in some sort of trouble. I found it bewildering, to be honest. It seems to be a 2010 production, from the one tiny bit of info available on the show’s subpage on the producer’s website.

If you’d like to see the website — though there’s not really more information there than I have here — click on the poster. After the intro, you’ll see a list of TV and film projects, and UFO is under the TV projects. (Among which, I might add, there seem to be a few other SF/fantasy-looking projects, if the posters aren’t just purely metaphorical.)

And by the way, I can’t help but be reminded of India’s “first SF film” (of 2003) Koi… Mil Gaya, which featured an almost-equally fake alien, some cutesy comedic drama, and a plot about intelligence augmentation. One wonders if this is not just an Indonesian revamping of E.T., but rather the Indonesian revamping of the Indian revamping of E.T. (with Rain Man thrown in for good measure, tho Wikipedia claims it’s really an adaptation of a Satyajit Ray story!).

2 thoughts on “Soraya Intercine Films’ UFO

  1. I think the main thing we can take away from this post is the knowledge that Happy Salma is really hot for someone with a name that made me think it meant the midget in the suit.

  2. Well, to me the fact Satyajit Ray was writing SF is a bigger revelation, but I too wonder which of the grownups is Happy Salma.

    Oooops, Google says it’s the woman.

    Also, on some thread which I found and lost, it was confirmed that the TV series is indeed a remake of Koi Mil… Gaya, though it’s not clear whether it’s a plagiarism or a licensed remake. (I’d have assumed the former except someone claimed something garbled which looked vaguely like it was an assertion that remake rights had been acquired.)

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