The Danger of A Single Story

It’s been a busy day and I have miles more to go before I sleep… miles of grading to do, that is. Tomorrow, I’ll be making an attempt at sauerkraut, inspired by The Mad Fermentationist’s attempt (making, bottling), but for today, I’ll be digging into student work.

Thursday night is the session of the Presentation Contest that I and a colleague will be judging, but tomorrow I’m off. More grading, some mazering (yes indeedy, that means meadmaking) and sauerkraut-making, and a trivia contest with some friends. Might as well get as much fun in as I can prior to the Presentation Contest, I suppose.

In the meantime, here’s a great video I ended up seeing at, after another colleague in another department sent me a link to a video I already knew about. The video that got me today was titled the same thing as this post, and it’s a talk by author Chimamanda Adichie:

And as a bonus: what’s wrong with giving grade schoolers the job of translating Dante? Absolutely nothing! (via Jean-Louis Trudel’s comment on a Facebook discussion)

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