Mind Meld, and Mission Accomplished (in Draft)

Two things I’ve written. One you can read, one you can’t.

Here’s the one you can: SF Signal’s Mind Meld for the week is about to-read piles, and I’m one of the people they invited to contribute/comment. See everyone’s to-read lists here. I should note that a number of the people who contributed are, in fact, in my extended to-read list. I’m just not getting more books for now till I’ve sorted what to do with the thousand or so I already have.

The thing you can’t read, yet, is a ~5000 word story (it’s a few words short, but not many) that is, at least at this stage of the draft (finished first draft) titled “Libra.” Maybe inspired by the melancholy superhero stories I linked earlier today (and which I’d read over the last few weeks/months), I decided to hit an angle I’d never seen anyone else hit before.

I started it about five hours ago, which is uninspiriring in terms of speed, though I did stop for some coffee (which I can actually drink again, wow! in my ongoing food-poisoning recovery) and a little food. So it was probably more like 4.5 or 4 hours of work altogether). Not bad, and it feels pretty solid.

(Of course, revisions will be necessary, but at the moment it feels like it’s pretty close.)

Next up, the story that I am writing because of a Twitter exchange (which I can’t seem to see online anymore) that started here.

Now, I should go do a bit of sorting through that thousand (ga!) books I mentioned above… not to mention get some more food.

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