“Teach Me How To Brew!”

A week or two ago, we were planning out the events for the semester, and it turned out we have funding for both a “cocktail party” and a “movie night.” During the course of the discussion, I suggested that it might be interesting to brew up some beer especially for the party, and that this would be quite easy to arrange. The question was whether we could get funding for such a thing.

I finally just got approval for the idea — funding for ingredients will be available, so all systems are go.

But I figured I’d like to make it a bit more interesting, so I’ve upped the ante: I figured, why not let students try it out for themselves. So I put up a notice on my class website, inviting students to email me if they would like to participate in the brewing process — from choosing types of beer to make (we’re going to do a parti-gyyle, so we’ll have two beers on hand), and brewing it, all the way to serving it and explaining about it to interested individuals at the cocktail party.

A minute or two ago, I just got the first email of what I hope will be a few, and smiled: the subject header of the email is autogenerated, but getting an email with the Subject line “Teach Me How To Brew!” brought a smile to my face anyway.

(Now, we’ll see how many more people opt in. I figure up to ten people can be involved without much problem, but as long as two or three more people sign up, it should be fine.) Who knows… this might even be the start of a campus homebrewing club…

But first things first… Hmm. Finally, I have an excuse to get myself another, bigger boil pot. And I think we’ll probably go with plastic fermenters — ale pails — unless we choose a style that needs some serious cooling.

This is cool…

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