Pardon the Mess…

Pardon the mess, all: some of the links around here are not going to work so well for the next few days, until I finish tidying up my template stuff around here. The good news is, I love my new template (courtesy of PressWork) and I think it makes my blog much more readable and […]

The Dangers of Expat Writing: Fear and Trembling by Amélie Nothomb

While many expatriates have been great writers, in my experience, expatriates sometimes don’t do such a great job writing about the expatriate experience — with Graham Greene being a notable exception. They inevitably tend towards the same kind of thing that one sees in the expatriate blogosphere — the clever theorizing, the ranting, the mockery […]

Pale Brewday: Wonmisan Belgian Pale/ESB

I’ve felt like getting back into Belgian brewing, but at the moment I have a nice cake of Safale S-04 (the English Ale yeast) in the bottom of a carboy, and I’d like to pitch onto it, so I figured today would be a great day to do a double batch, split right down the […]