Eine Kleine Zombiemusik

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the music for Mrs. Jiwaku’s third short film, a zombie movie. Over the course of the project (developing the music, I mean) I’ve posted in-progress clips to Soundcloud, but now I’ve got the final, tidied-up and cleaner tracks up. They are, for the moment, downloadable–in part because Mrs. Jiwaku will need to download them.

They are quite loud, by the way: I de-normalized the output because it seems to fit the aggressive sound we need, especially in the non-autonormalized version of Track #3. Just a warning, for those listening on headphones or about to click play: you might want to lower your volume first!

You’ll notice two apparent duplicates: one each of the first and third track. The third track I’ve explained above, but for the first track, I’m not sure whether more or less guitar will sound and fit better so I figured I’d do two cuts that are identical except for the amount and level of guitar noise–which is why one is labeled “more guitar” and the other “less guitar.”

And now, I need to go cut up the foley samples I spent the last hour making, so they’re easy to find and use tomorrow, when Miss Jiwaku heads to the studio for the first pass at editing the audio. (I’ll be joining her for the second pass on Monday.)

6 thoughts on “Eine Kleine Zombiemusik

    1. Good grief, I even knew that! (I had to check if there was an “e” at the end of Kleine, and fixed it. Must have mistyped “Eine” when I fixed that. IT’s been one of those days, but thanks for the correction! :)

  1. I really like it! It makes me want to play Left for Dead, but then have little disco-breaks between the gunplay. (Or maybe the gunplay is the disco break. Hmmm.)

    1. Ha, thanks, that’s what I was going for. The reason why we’re ending a zombie movie with a chiptune-ish song will be clear from the film, and no, it’s not because it’s a computer-game variant of the “it was all a dream” story-twist of old. :)

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