My Secret?

Got a funny tweet this morning:

Ha, funnily enough, I submitted this a long, long time ago, and forgot all about it.

But for all that, the principle seems to hold. In the past couple of weeks, since relocating to our new apartment, I’ve:

  • started exercising regularly (that is, swimming daily, and tracking it on Fitocracy, because gamification = motivation boost; I’ll be adding a regimen of bodyweight exercises next week, too),
  • drafted close to 10% of the novel I’m working on (I should hit 10% tonight, and am hoping to increase my daily output to 1,500 or 2,000 words this week),
  • drafted a complete short story, and started another,
  • finished reading two books, with two more likely to get polished off in the next couple of days,
  • started editing the final script of our current film-in-production, an adaptation of Djuna’s novella “Proxy War.” (Which, when this post goes up, is what I will go an work on immediately.)

That’s not bad for a mere couple of weeks, especially when you add in the fact that I have only missed two days of saxophone practice since we moved! Oh, and I suppose I should include my latest musical recording: a rendering of Kenny Dorham’s jazz standard, “Blue Bossa”:

(And yes, the image for that track is shot from my visit to Fatehpur Sikri, one of my favorite places from my trip around Northern India during winter 2004.)

I probably wouldn’t have gone ahead with that tune, since it was one of the first I learned when I started studying jazz (more than two decades ago, now), but I’ve continued working on jazz tunes with a cohort of people from my online jazz improv class that just wrapped up. This week’s tune is a lot tougher, though.

I do have other stuff I need to do, and haven’t been doing, but I figure, adding one thing at a time to the regimen seems to be working well, so I’ll stick to that approach.

Oh, also, for all the people who are my “Friends” on Facebook: last night I discovered that for some reason, my Facebook updates were only being shared directly with one person, a specific friend of mine. Anything via Twitter was shared to all my friends, but direct status updates only went to this one guy, and I’m not sure how that happened, but I’ve got back and fixed it. If you feel like you may have missed something interesting–and I’m pretty sure you did–feel free to go trawl my Page.

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