My Secret?

Got a funny tweet this morning: @GordSellar Just received your memoir from @HonestTea. #location — Derek Brown (@derekbrown) September 6, 2013 Ha, funnily enough, I submitted this a long, long time ago, and forgot all about it. But for all that, the principle seems to hold. In the past couple of weeks, since relocating […]

Wasn’t it Erasmus…?

Wasn’t it Erasmus who said that whenever he got a little money, first he bought books, and then, were there a little left over, food and clothes? Yes, it seems it was, well, sort of. It’s a mangled quote always attributed to him, at least, and we like it that way, don’t we? Well, I […]

The Cut Between the Chapters

If it’s not romanticizing it to say so (or maybe even if it is) I shall deem this post a document of the moment where the Iksan chapter(s) of my life ended (though not the presence of Iksan and her children in my story), and where the chapter(s) of my life began. Woo Jin My […]