He’s Still Alive!

For those who worked with him in Jeonju, you may be happy to know that Jason is still alive and kicking, somewhere out there in India. The link above is to a photo of him playing the guitar. Good to know he’s doing well.

A Photo-Laden Day

It’s been a day of photographs. After I took a picture of my desk for a banner on another webpage I am currently designing, I copied a few more photos from my camera to my PC. I realized it’s been a long time since I’d done so, and some of the pics were really cool. […]

Blogging stuff

Well, I am working on getting all of the photos from all of my recent (2003-2004) trips up, as well as for, well, now, how would you call the time when I am not traveling? Let’s call it “ordinary time”, to steal a term from the old Church of my youth. I’ll post a big […]


One of the commenters on an earlier post about the Dalai Lama kindly sent me a photograph of the place where I shall be going for my trip. Here it is: (Edit: If I can find this picture, I’ll post them. Otherwise, use your imagination.) He said he’s got about a dozen passports, all full […]

The Cut Between the Chapters

If it’s not romanticizing it to say so (or maybe even if it is) I shall deem this post a document of the moment where the Iksan chapter(s) of my life ended (though not the presence of Iksan and her children in my story), and where the chapter(s) of my life began. Woo Jin My […]