Ancient Tourist Traps and Military Textuality

I’ve recently read some really good books, and am working out just what I want to say about them, but in the meantime, I’ve just started on a biography by Adrian Murdoch’s titled The Last Pagan: Julian the Apostate and the Death of the Ancient World. Julian is, basically, as the book suggests, the last […]

Links You Should Check Out

Today, I was reminded of why I stopped doing these link roundups: they’re time-consuming to produce. I’ll probably switch to just tweeting or linking on Facebook, like almost everyone else I know, and this is probably the last post like this I’ll do. But anyway: Typhoon Haiyan: We were lucky: it was much-diminished when it […]

Resolved… Baidu Blocked

Yeah, so: my hosting problems? It had nothing to do with my database. Nothing to do with my plugins, or anything else I was doing. (Okay, moving one little command in my config file a little higher up helped somewhat, but that wasn’t the main problem.) It had everything to do with bots needing to […]

“…With Greater Dignity.”

Miyako no Sora is the school song of the First High School of Tokyo, the one its students sang in farewell to classmates who had to leave to go to war. One after another they went away, as if beckoned by some great invisible hand, and it seems that for a time the song echoed […]