Prodigal in SF World

It’s been a tense time lately here in South Korea, but one bright spot recently was how delighted I found myself when I received contributor copies for the current issue of China’s SF World (the 03.2017 issue). A Chinese translation of my December 2016 Analog story “Prodigal” was published in this issue, and it was wonderful to get a look at it firsthand.

It’s an attractive journal-sized magazine with a very colorful, striking cover:

It reminded me a little of Science Fiction Age, the 90s SF magazine that I think was really the first such magazine I read regularly.1 I really found myself wishing I could read all the other material in the issue—stories and articles!

It was especially nice to see illustrations—not just for my story, but for others as well, though I’m only including here the cool illustrations of my own story. (I cannot replicate the artist’s name, unfortunately… or the translator’s, for that matter!)

These images got me missing the old days when all the American SF magazines included black-and-white interior illustrations for stories (since most no longer do, with the exception of Analog). It’s nice to see the practice continuing somewhere, and these illustrations were fun to see.

Anyway, I’m very flattered and excited to have my work appear in Chinese translation, and hope Science Fiction World‘s readers enjoy it.

More news on the translation front coming soon, too…

  1. I really loved it. I can’t be the only one, but I rarely see it get mentioned… though I guess nobody talks about Galaxy anymore these days, either. But I do still miss it.

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