Made, Chez Nous

So this morning, I made some bread: Crusty dinner buns, to be exact. They’re not perfect, or even as good as the first time I made them (for a burger dinner, when they turned out amazing!) but I’m pretty pleased with them. I’ll be digging into Peter Reinhart’s book The Bread Maker’s Apprentice this month, […]

Not Quite Sourdough, But It Rose

I made some bread today, my 2nd try at making bread with Brettanomyces Claussenii yeast. Brett C. is, as you may know, a strain of wild yeast of the kind used in some kinds of brewing, and I brewed a beer using it as my sole yeast back in late October of this year. (It’s […]

Rye Sourdough Starter, and Brett Bread

So, yet another of things I’m experimenting with was inspired by The Mad Fermentationist, namely, Brettanomyces yeast in bread making. I’ve only found two cases online, one by TMF who used it to make some baguettes and the other by a guy who used Brett to make pizza dough. So a cxouple of days ago, […]

새해복많이받으세요, & Bread & Beer

In other words, Happy Korean New Year! (And yeah, they got it from the Chinese. Whatever.) Me, I’m stuffed with rice cake and dumpling soup, and am now having having a nice Leffe Blond, which brings back memories of Montréal. (Not my favorite beer, now, as it was then, but then, it was my first […]