Here’s Your Chance to Support a Great Workshop

I’m participating in a Write-a-thon this summer, to raise money to support and continue the existence of the workshop that helped me achieved what I have as a write. I pledge ot write like hell. You pledge to support the workshop. If you have a little spare cash, it’s a fine charity (and tax-deductible, in the USA at least). It’s a great workshop that has helped along the careers of countless SF, fantasy, and horror writers, so if you feel like you should be supporting the arts, here’s a great chance!

One Paper, Two Paper, Three Paper Accepted…

Well, no, wait, that sound better than it is. I just like the sound of that line, sung to the tune of a rather objectionable song but it always reminds me of the Agatha Christie novel title… So far I have three papers to present this fall. Two are within the space of a week […]

Clarion West Write-a-Thon, 2010: Sponsor Me!

Well, the Write-A-Thon has been going, and I’ve been writing like crazy — but it has been, and this is very appropriate, essentially “crits” for my students’ essays and Creative Writing portfolios. But I’ve also been wading through the last of my grading for final exams — final exams finished just a little under a […]

Clarion West — Support or Attend!

If you love speculative fiction — horror, fantasy, SF, and so on — then I’ve got a way you can pitch in to keep pumping fresh blood into the genre. That is, the Clarion West workshop is looking for donations, and for students for next year. If you read this blog regularly, I’ll have mentioned […]

Clarion West Laptop Theft

Ugh, this is horrible. Someone broke into the Seattle sorority house where Clarion West is going on this year, and stole four laptops, along with other random items. (Including, er, clothing?) The workshop is an intense training camp for writers of science fiction and fantasy, meaning losing their laptops means losing the very thing they […]