The Taste of Melbourne: Beers Part 2 (BBCE)

The remainder of these beers, I tried at the Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka, which I highly recommend to anyone in the Melbourne area. The first three are from the first visit, the rest from the second. All of these were bottle beers except the Kriek. Visit 1: Silly Saison: This was the beer I started with […]

The Taste of Melbourne: Beers Part 1 (Around Town)

Well, actually, I could rant about the horror of the meatpie I had at the Aussie Rules football game we went to, but instead I’m going to talk about beer. I had a lot of different beers in Melbourne this week, and many of them are worth talking about: Carlton Draft: This was plain old […]


Well, I’ve been home for about 48 hours now, but it was a busy couple of days. Tuesday I had a full day of classes, well, from noon to 7pm; and today, I had an empty day but had some things to do, especially getting my ankle looked at. Oh, yes, sprinting across the Sydney […]

My Schedule at WorldCon This Weekend!

Ack, next time I need to make sure I click the right buttons and limit myself to one or two events a day. Since I’m flying out on Monday — and dubious about my ability to get there by 10 am on Sunday — I asked not to be on the  two crossed-out panels. My […]