Woot Canawr, Stage 1.

If you’ve seen that episode of The West Wing where Ceejay (C.J.?) visits the dentist, you know what’s going on. I got me a root canal today. Well, I got myself a part of one, anwyay: Yeah, baby. Stage 1 of my root canal. I’m not feeling pain yet, but I know I’m in for […]

Night Guard Question

Langage barrier with the dentist, so I’m asking here! I got my night guard today from the dentist, to deal with the teeth-grinding issues I have when I sleep. But when I first got it, the thing was REALLY tight, like, to the point of hurting. The dentist made some adjustments and all, but it […]

Romans and Pirates and Dental Hell

It’s quite a challenge to teach some of the stuff I’ve been covering in my Popular Cultures course this semester. We just finished with “The Warrior Archetype” section of the course, and it was funny how aware of World War II my students were, and how much less they knew about The Great War, aka […]