Imaginable Beers: A Primer for Writers of Speculative Fiction

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Recently, a writer friend was asking around on Facebook for some information about the history of brewing and distilling. Since I’ve been studying up on these subjects (and blogging on the subject: see here for brewing, and there’s some stuff about distilling mixed into this tag), it was suggested I might be of some help. I started […]

Chestnut Honey Mead

I thought, when I made my last few meads, that I was done with meadmaking, but then I happened to accumulate some other honeys — which will be featured in other upcoming projects, including a braggot and some beers. However, I also came across 1.5 kilograms of chestnut honey. By all accounts, this makes a really […]

Meadmaking Day: Mittelfrüh Metheglin

This mead is a shot in the dark: I screwed up when measuring the water for my pomegranate mead, and realized too late that I wouldn’t be able to add the pomegranate juice. So I scooped out a liter of the must (as we call the honey water before it is fermented) and froze it, […]

Birthday Cyser

Well, I am a few weeks late in starting it, but when you’re bulk aging something for a year, a few weeks seems like not so much to worry about. For those who don’t know the term, a “cyser” is simply a mead/cider fusion. That is, it’s an alcoholic beverage in which the alcohol is […]