Saxophonic Memories

The other day, I posted about memories of being teased because my name had been used for the alien in the TV Alf, whom I remembered as a sax player, like myself. My hunt for the saxophone version of the theme song led me to this website, where many examples of the “sax solo” that […]

The Asia Pages

Remember The Asia Pages, that blog that Jodi used to run down in wherever-it-was near Busan? Now that was a blog. A good Korea-blog. I miss that blog. Jodi, I hope you’re doing well out there, wherever you are!

Charlatans and Wheat Beer

No, no, this is not a rant about Charlatans. During a Youtube music swap session on chat, I ran across a track by The Charlatans which I came to know in a strange way: my mom bought the cassette tape at a garage sale and gave it to me. I basically responded with, “Huh?” The […]