XY Column Installment Up.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my column installment about the sociobiology of the Internet Troll a few weeks ago. The column was “inspired” (or at least, my thoughts about the problem of Troll scum on the Internet were inspired) by recent experience. It’s up now, and you can read it over at Cahoots.

Trolls, Net Morality, and Types of Societies

So I just finished writing the latest installment for my column XY for the current issue of Cahoots magazine — it’s not up yet, but I’ll link it when it is. The column is a kind of amateur explanation of the implications of sociobiology, by a non-specialist, which means, er, well, thin ice and all […]

Zombies and Sociobiology

Some might remember me posting a link regarding a call for papers on the zombie for an interdisciplinary collection? Well, today (Hallowe’en!) is the deadline, and even though I’m a good half-day ahead of the recipient, I got it tidied up and decided to send it off now. The gist of my proposal is that […]