Mark Twain Scrapbook

Over at Second Story Publications I found a link to a beautiful project called the Mark Twain Scrapbook. This is an exquisite and interesting digital scrapbook bio of Mark Twain. Nice-eu, as is said in Konglish.

Romanticism and Nations

Ever since about a month ago, I’ve had a kind of niggling little problem eating away at my thinking. At that time, I was discussion nationalism and the rule of law with my famous Northstar class. I asked the class about what they thought of the Geneva Conventions and the justifiability of war… basically asking […]

Matrix 2, Animatrix…

Over the last couple of months I have not seen a lot of movies. I have been busy enough to actually miss, in the theater, several movies that I was actually interested in seeing. Perhaps the only movie I have managed to see in the theater in the last couple of months is the new […]

Big Move

Well, here’s the big news, for those of you who didn’t see a mass email from me: I have taken a department job over at Jeonju University. It begins at the end of August, so I will be on staff at Wonkwang until the mid-August holidays, and then I will begin over at Jeonju University […]