No lunch plan shock

Wow, the lunch plan I had fell through. It’s shocking to have a day with nothing happening between 10am and 3pm. Maybe I’ll actually have a nap tomorrow… I’ve been adding a lot to the ESL section of this site, which may or may not escape the notice of regular readers since the entries usually […]

Here’s an interesting enough blog by a (French? I’m guessing from the rare and few grammar mistakes and the name) foreigner living and teaching/studying in Seoul.

ESL Joke: So This Korean Guy Goes on Holiday….

(Here’s a joke that’s all about ESL, but also makes a point about the “listen and repeat” passive learning that happens where students just learn common conversational phrases and don’t learn how to express themselves. I typed it out for a friend’s email and then thought I might as well post it here…It’s a great […]

Found: Apparently Wonderful Online Bookseller in Asia!

Sometimes, you can find something useful in an advertisement. For example, a kind of Asian company… If I hadn’t clicked on an innocent little link, I might never have found this site, where one can order books by all kinds of authors (like the new works by Iain Banks and Kim Stanley Robinson and […]

잼이있는 시간이 있었어요…

요즈음 고드가 빠빠요… 우리 학원에 선생의 교육에 가르치고 있어용. 그레서 매일에 일을 조금 떠 해요. 특는 일이 재미있지만 잠 잘 못해요. 웬야하면 나는 생각 하고 일을 떠 해요. 하지만 좋아해요. 아침에, Intro A 반이 너무 좋아해요. 사람은 많아고 영어 말하기 점심 진짜 열심히 해봐요. 성수 학생씨 못 와서 나는 보고싶 지만 매일 공부 한 시간은 […]