New Sophists

New Sophists’ Almanac is a new website that my friend Marvin and I have created. It contains some philsophical discussion and talk, mostly right now about the nature of language and communication in relation to things like religion, science, and truth. If you are curious, please do go have a look and post comments too! […]


By the way… my PC is at the IBM/LG service centre. It’ll be there at least until Monday, and if all I need it a new hard drive, it’s okay. But if I need a new motherboard, I may just pack it in and get a new laptop at the end of the month. I’m […]

Terminator 3

It’s a franchise. I just had nothing better to do, really. But… it’s a franchise. Clear setup for Terminator 4. sigh I won’t even bother to pick it apart. I’ll invoke Bill Hicks’ criticism of Basic Instinct (wasn’t it?) instead… that is, that it’s not worth criticising simply because, plain and simple, it’s a piece […]