Another Baby Cheer (continued)

Yes, more baby business. I meant to post some of this earlier but it was one of those days; lost sunglasses, messed up bike, trip to the bike shop, sleeping on a park bench for a few hours, and so on. Lime’s looking tired and I, for some strange reason, am sweating even more since […]

Another Baby Cheer!

Myoung called me just now, this morning, to inform me that Mer had given birth to a healthy baby boy last night, whose name is Luca (or is it Luka? I’m not sure). When I heard the name, I said what people of my generation will probably ask a lot, “You mean like the song, […]

Remote Control Warfare, Personal

Wired’s reporting about Virtual warfare again. How do you create an army who, worse than being pissed off racists, are so disengaged from reality that killing civilians in as easy as shooting characters on a screen? Turn killing civilians into an exercise of killing characters on a screen, of course! This is the new way […]

I SHOULD have gone to a clinic, I suppose

Back during camp, when I was feeling horribly sick, everyone told me to go to a clinic. Well, wait, no. Foreigners mostly just advised the same kind of thing that we usually advise: bed rest, sleep, lots of fluids, and time. But all the Koreans who knew of how sick I was advised that I […]

On Graham Greene

Prospect Magazine a worthwhile piece about Graham Greene written by Julian Evans; Greene is a novelist whose work is fairly available at the library where I work. Thanks to that fact plus the fact that my friend John Wendel sings Greene’s praises highly, I’m planning on reading what I can, while I can.