Death: The Exit Interview

Dan has asked a very tough interesting and challenging question this week: At the moment of death, when you realize that there’s no way out, you worry about those being left behind — at least, we think we will. But this isn’t about who we would worry about. Instead, it’s about those who have already […]

H. floresiensis

Hobbit remains found in Indonesia. Okay, no, they’re not like hobbits. They’re just little people. But they’re real, and I think the history of early humans just got a bit more interesting.

Mainly of interest to the sane

The following links are of interest only to the sane and semi-sane. Marmot’s got a couple of good links on, one about the newest trend in Korean plastic surgery and other assery; and another on the Taiwanese government’s idea of intelligent discourse… via food-fight. John, if you’re reading this, well, I am feeling even more […]

A Cool Cabbie, Once Again

I remember the days when, while first really studying Korean, I would take taxis with anticipation in my heart. You see, there is something that nobody tells you when you first arrive in Korea, about the act of learning Korean. Most people just want to learn survival Korean, as they don’t intend to stay long, […]

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

On Sunday night I read the short novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. It wasn’t anything I spent money on, I actually got it at the place where it will shortly turn up once again: at a local bar, where English books are left for anyone who is interested in them […]