Rootless Cosmopolitans

Say what you want about his philosophy—I agree with some of it, and have serious reservations about other parts of it—but Peter Singer, along with Renata Singer (whom I assume to be his wife, as a guess) hit a couple of nails on the head in this article called Rootless, Voteless but Happily Floating.

I won something!

It’s the first time since that 7-pound chocolate bar in 7th grade fundraiser lotto that I won for selling one packet of chocolates to my parents, even though Brett Paddock sold 14 of the damned cases of things and only won a calculator, because it was my one measly ticket that was drawn for the […]

Like and Unlike The Yangban

Well, just like Flying Yangban, I can’t load my page from home. Unlike the Yangban, I haven’t exceeded my server load. Whoops, wait, he’s back up now. Whew. That’s good. But I still wonder why my own page won’t load at my house. So, anyway, everyone, if you email me and I don’t respond quickly, […]

Korean War Quicktime Map

I’m doing a little more research for my ghost story, and quickly coming to the conclusion there’s almost no good place to set the story… I can’t seem to find information on any particular locale where UN Troops wouldn’t have been stationed or died. I think I’ll just have to go with some kind of […]


I don’t know who aggysorous is, but I found this on a Technorati trawl and on this relatively new blog you can find an amazing number of links to good stuff. See here.