What the hell is it with people who complain about spoilers online? First off, I’ve never felt that knowing some detail or other before reading a book or seeing a movie has ever “spoiled” it for me. Bad directing, that’s spoiled movies for me. Plenty of movies. Bad acting? Sure! Bad writing? Oh, too many, […]


Tonight Lime and I stopped in at the DVD-room and watched a movie. I urged her for us to start in on the mammoth Lord of the Rings Extended Edition series, but she didn’t feel like it and ended up asking the woman who words there for a recommendation. The woman, who recommended the excellent […]

It’s Obligatory

Because I’m such an SF fan, people expect me to have something to say about Star Wars. I mean, it’s the final episode, the series is over (let’s hope Lucas really means it), and a chapter on SF movie history is closed, right? Bullshit. Star Wars was fine and all, at first. It was a […]

Kevin’s Panties Woe

Some English Teachers have all the luck. Actually, I had a student once flash her chest at me. Not really flash, but she leaned forward and gave me a good view of what was going on down the front of her shirt (admittedly not much was going on) before sitting back with a big grin […]