Weird Linkage — What’s This All About?

I’m not making a link on purpose, since I have a weird suspicion about the function of this, but I wanted to ask: why the hell would this organization put a link to my homepage on their index? And the contact page seems only to include info about their mailing list. I just don’t […]

Bandwidth, Woah! Cool!

Woah! Okay, this was a shocker for me! This morning I got a notice from my website host noting that I am getting close to exceeding my monthly bandwidth. This is just from normal traffic, which I’m supposing means that I’m accumulating a stable of readers I don’t know about. Well, or something. Earlier in […]

A Question and A Weird Observation

I’ve got a question: does anyone know whether the Japanese “taiko” drum has a long tradition of Korean performers? Does the drum’s presence in Korean music predate Japanese occupation? How popular is it in Korea today? I went to pick up some tickets for the Sori Festival this week, and stayed around to see the […]

For Chapter Two of Inside English…

This is one of the first teaching resources I’ve uploaded in a while. I got used to emailing them to myself and downloading, and now that I think of it I should upload a bunch of those files in a batch, with a list of what kinds of resources they are. But I’ll start by […]