A National Emergency

No, not in America. In Korea. The Onion-style.

I’ve often thought about an expat-focused version of The Onion, and Peemil wrote an article that would fit into that absolutely perfectly: Korean Man Dislikes Kimchi Immensely:

SEOUL: A nationwide emergency intervention is being planned to force Mr Bak to eat the nations signature food after it was revealed yesterday that he doesn’t like it.

The allegations came to light while Mr Bak was attending dinner with work colleagues on Saturday evening.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Mrs Lee who is a colleague. “We were all sitting around the table discussing what our favourite food was and everyone agreed that it was kimchi by far. When we asked Mr Bak to agree with us, he muttered something about not being able to stand the stuff.”

Check out the whole article. It’s absolutely Onion-worthy.

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